About Sam Yingling

Sam Yingling is a native of central Lake County and lives in Grayslake. A third generation resident of the area, he is deeply rooted in the community and has committed his life to fighting for its economic and social prosperity.

As a child, most of Sam's time away from school was spent helping at a family restaurant his grandfather and parents started in 1972 in Wildwood and Round Lake Beach. Along with his sister and brother, Sam was expected to contribute to the restaurant’s success. In this setting, Sam learned that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment. He also learned the meaning of service and that hard work and a positive attitude could make a difference in peoples' lives.

Sam attended DePaul University, studying Public Policy and Administration and Metropolitan Land Use (Urban Planning), interests that were cultivated by the dramatic shifts in demographics, population, and development in central Lake County. After graduating, Sam decided to buy a home in Round Lake Beach, the small railroad town that his grandparents knew had boomed with development.

Sam went into real estate and started a local advertising company. Like his father, who served on the local school board and was involved in numerous civic organizations, Sam became involved with the Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and local government. He rolled up his sleeves and became a board member on Mano A Mano Family Resource Center and the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center Foundation.

Frustrated with Avon Township’s sedentary approach to important issues, Sam decided to challenge a decades old administration. Avon Township was maximizing their property tax levies, amassing unneeded cash and assets, and paying bloated salaries to its elected officials. Sam ran on a platform that would reverse these practices. Sam fought hard and was elected Avon Township Supervisor.

As Avon Township Supervisor, Sam ushered in a new era of government accountability and responsiveness. As promised, Sam returned over $25,000 of pay raises put in place by the previous administration, lowered taxes every year he was in office, and reduced Avon Township's tax levies by over 22%. By putting the people first, Sam streamlined operations, expanded services, and generated surpluses to be applied to further tax reductions.

In 2012, Sam was tired of the same old politics in Springfield and decided to take on an entrenched state representative incumbent in the 62nd district and won. Since then, Sam has been an independent voice in Springfield, taking on the status quo and standing up to party leaders. Sam created a state heroin task force to keep drugs off our streets and make our neighborhoods safer. He continues to fight to lower property taxes by sponsoring legislation that would prohibit local government from raising property taxes when property values in the community go down. In Springfield, Sam has made it a priority to lower our taxes and consolidate unnecessary layers of government.