Yingling Backs Bi-Partisan Budget to Keep Schools Open; Says More Work Remains


State Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, issued the following statement after the House passed a stopgap funding bill Thursday: “I’m irritated that our state has gone almost a year without a budget. Programs that help our state’s most vulnerable were quite literally on life support and our local schools faced the prospect of not opening on time or receiving critical dollars that ensure our students receive a quality education.

The measure I supported today invests more money in local schools, ensures that they will open on time, and funds important programs that help our students attend college. This measure does not include a tax increase on working families nor does it favor one school system over another.

The governor and his allies have offered counter measures that would of short changed our state and punished students, seniors and women who sought important lifesaving preventative treatments like breast cancer screenings. We were able to resist these efforts and make sure the bleeding will stop.

It is important to note that while we have reached a bipartisan solution this solution only helps us in the short term. We must continue to work in good faith with those in the opposite party and in all elected offices to chart a better course for our state.”

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