Yingling Urges Governor to Sign Emergency Funding Bill that Passed with Nearly Unanimous Bipartisan


In an effort to provide residents with access to vital local and state services, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D- Grayslake, is urging the governor to sign a bipartisan emergency appropriations bill that would fund many important programs, such as Meals on Wheels, breast and cervical cancer screenings and services for developmentally disabled individuals.

“We have now been without a state budget for nearly a year, and while court orders have funded many essential services, there are still programs that remain unavailable to the residents that need them,” Yingling said. “This legislation passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support, so there is absolutely no reason for the governor not to sign it.”

Senate Bill 2038, which was sent to the governor’s desk three weeks ago after passing both chambers of the Legislature with flying colors, would fund many of the human services, such as services for rape victims, homelessness prevention and youth and senior-related programming. Yingling hopes that the governor will join him in supporting this temporary solution, but will continue working towards a full and balanced budget.

“Our state continues to have its challenges, but we must not let our most vulnerable continue to be victims of the budget impasse,” said Bruce Johnson CEO of NICASA Behavioral Health Services. “This measure passed with overwhelming Republican and Democrat support, and I hope the governor will sign it into law.”

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