Today, dozens of local property tax payers showed up at the Lake County Board Financial and Administrative Committee Meeting to support SB2544, a bill that increases fairness and accountability in the office of the Lake County Assessor. The bill passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly with bi-partisan super-majorities in May.

Members of the Lake County Board ignored the taxpayers who support SB2544 and chose, instead, to pass a resolution opposing the bill that included baseless accusations and turned this taxpayer initiative into a political circus by recommending that the governor issue an amendatory veto on the bill.

An amendatory veto by the governor would be nothing more than a back-door stall tactic that would deny taxpayers the right to vote in November.
“It’s disappointing but not surprising that some members of the Lake County Board are attempting to thwart the grassroots campaign to bring accountability to the office of the Lake County Assessor,” said Yingling. “I’m proud to be part of a grassroots campaign that is activating taxpayers across Lake County. When I’ve gone door to door in my district, constituents have been clear: the status quo is not working, and they want the governor to sign SB2544.”

A strong grassroots campaign has been built to support SB2544. Yingling has been airing TV ads in Lake County that have been reaching thousands of taxpayers at home every day. The campaign’s digital ad has been viewed close to 20,000 times on social media. Thousands of Lake County taxpayers have made phone calls to the governor to urge him to sign the bill. Hundreds more have called Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor to urge him to stop playing games and support the measure. In addition, the campaign is on track to collect over 1,000 signatures to deliver to the governor.

“I am hopeful that Governor Rauner will sign SB2544 instead of interfering with the will of the people as the Lake County Board has chosen to do,” concluded Yingling. “Anything short of a signed bill from the governor will deny the taxpayers of Lake County their right to vote this November to make the property tax system accountable to them.”
The measure puts the question on the ballot in November to let the people decide whether the position of Lake County Chief County Assessment Office, the Lake County Assessor, should be popularly elected by the people.