Yingling: Opponent Hiding from His Record and Extreme Allies


GRAYSLAKE, Ill. - State Rep. Sam Yingling on Monday blasted a negative campaign commercial funded by a group that supports cutting Security and Medicare – the same group for which Yingling's opponent worked as a local leader.

"For years, Rod Drobinski worked as the local organizer for a national group determined to slash wages for working families, strip seniors of the benefits they have worked a lifetime to earn, and cut critical funding for our schools," Yingling said. "Now this same group is attempting to mislead local voters on his behalf, oddly enough by attacking my record of protecting crucial funding for education and public safety and rejecting pay raises for lawmakers."

Americans for Prosperity, which is paying for the attack ad, has a record of supporting plans to cut Medicare and Social Security and has supported politicians who opposed protections for victims of rape and domestic violence. The founders of the political group are also linked to a nationwide effort to cut the minimum wage.

"Rod Drobinski would prefer local residents not know he was part of a group that spent millions of dollars backing politicians who would end the guaranteed benefits of Social Security and Medicare," Yingling said. "Drobinski's group cheered on extremists who voted against critical protections for victims of rape and domestic violence and stood behind politicians opposed to women's right to choose, even if they are raped or their lives are in danger."

Since taking office, Yingling has helped to pass balanced state budgets without extending the state income tax increase. Yingling is opposed to extending the income tax increase and is opposed to making the tax increase permanent.

The budgets Yingling has supported also cut lawmakers' salaries, prevented devastating cuts to our schools, prevented massive property taxes, and prevented cuts to vital programs for seniors, veterans, and victims of rape and domestic violence. The budgets not only prevented painful cutsto schools, they also increased needed funding for elementary schools and high schools in Illinois.